TR Fabrications Ltd was established over 30 years ago and is situated on the North Anston Trading Estate, Dinnington, Sheffield.

Over the years, we have built an outstanding reputation in the market place for producing high quality medium to heavy steel fabrications with the ability to handle up to 20 tonne capacity single piece items. We specialise in developing and manufacturing cones, square to rounds and aspects of press work ranging from 1mm to 30mm in thickness. 

   BS EN 1090-2:2018 to EXC 4


TR Fabrications Ltd are proud to announce we have now moved up to Execution Class 4.  As a company we have always had quality high on the agenda.  Using the latest Technology to meet our customer's high standards and specific requirements.

  • Weld Map / Inspection Data Sheet to EXC 4.

  • 3.1 Red Stamped Test Certificates

  • Welder Qualifications

  • Certificate of Conformity

  • M.P.I / D.P.I Certificates 

  • Galvanise or Coating Certificate of Conformity

  • E.C Declaration

  • Inspection & Test Plan ( I.T.P)

  • WPQR & WPS

  • Project Launch - Review of Requirements - Technical Review

  • Declaration of performance.

We are accredited by  :-  SCCS 1090-2:2018 to EXC 4

CE Mark Accreditation :-FPC BS EN 1090:1 2009 + A1:2011FPC BS EN 1090:1 

                                    :- BS EN 1090-2:2018 + A1:2011-EXC 4

     Welding Certificate :- BS EN 1090-2:2018 + A1:2011-EXC 4

     Welder Qualification Certificate:- BS EN ISO 9606-1: 2017

     ISO - 9001-2015

 Stainless Steel Welding with full WPQR & WPS

 Grade's 304 - 316L & 310 - st-st.





Company Profile


TR Fabrications Ltd has been established for over 30 years and within this time built up an outstanding relationship with companies in the:


  • Mining industry -  producing mining support structures, conveyor systems, chute/ hopper work lined with hardox liners and airlock door systems.

  • Power Stations such as Drax & EON.  Producing a vast range of diverter chutes lined with chrome carbide, drag conveyors, supporting tower structures with flooring, handrail systems and ladder/stringers


TR Fabrications Ltd has the ability to produce such a diverse range of products with three separate workshops sitting on over 15000 square feet of land with the lifting capacity of 20 tonnes per lift. TR Fabrications Ltd have a dedicated team of experienced employees with many years' service and diverse skill sets which we are constantly upgrading and developing through training programmes and the introduction of new technology.


TR Fabrications Ltd has a comprehensive approved suppliers list which is being constantly monitored to ensure that we are receiving the necessary service levels to enable us to give our customers total satisfaction with our products, service and delivery schedules but, we also keep a sizeable buffer stock of both materials and components at all times to allow for many 'last minute' and 'just in time' projects and fabrications we have undertaken for our long standing customers over the years.

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Published  By Gary Durham Q A Manager - T R Fabrications Consort Works, Houghton Road, North Anston Trading Estate, Dinnington, Sheffield, S25 4JJ